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8 June 2022

10am - 5pm

9 June 2022

10am - 4pm

LV Convention Center

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Embedded Computing

8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

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Peter Voss: Speaking at the Embedded Tech Convention USA

Peter Voss

(BSc, BA, CPA, CA) President & CEO  -  Shimco

Self Powering Sensors For Aircraft Using Novel Flexible Piezoelectric Nanogenerators

Developing increasingly compact structures and high-performing sustainable power sources has become an important area of development to assist in the deployment of self-powered electronics. Piezoelectric nanogenerators comprising flexible and compact structures have emerged as a strong candidate to address this need. More specifically, these self-powering devices are desired to monitor in-service conditions and out-of-spec events in aircraft structures, that will enhance their safety, consistency, operational cost, and efficiency.

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