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8 June 2022

10am - 5pm

9 June 2022

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LV Convention Center

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Embedded Computing

8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

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Neel Mitra: Speaking at the Embedded Tech Convention USA

Neel Mitra

Principal Solutions Architect  -  Amazon Web Services

Evolution of Software Defined Vehicles

The automotive industry is going through a tectonic shift to build a next generation vehicle platform that's more connected, sustainable and continuously evolving. The automakers clearly see a future where centralized high performance computing driven by service oriented architecture (SOA) will be the core of in-vehicle E/E architecture over the existing bespoke hardware solutions. This is what is referred to as “Software-defined vehicles” and is going to be the key enabler for the future of connected mobility and autonomous vehicles. Adoption of software driven strategy also allows the automakers to implement new business models, open up new revenue streams, and offer differentiated customer experiences that's not possible today. Attendees will leave this session learning about the driving forces of software defined vehicles, gaps between the current state and the future in-vehicle architectures, and major industry initiatives in progress today to support this evoution.

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