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8 June 2022

10am - 5pm

9 June 2022

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LV Convention Center

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8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

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Devarshi Shah: Speaking at the Embedded Tech Convention USA

Devarshi Shah

CEO  -  Lumeo

“Beyond the (bounding) Box - Delivering value with video analytics”

Today, advances in Machine Vision and AI are creating entirely new product categories; things like vision-based parking sensors, underwater fish disease detection, media curation, construction safety intelligence, and threat detection -- just to name a few.
For solution providers, however, the journey from an AI model to delivering business value is far from simple. From building and iterating on AI Models, to choosing the right hardware to run them on, to deploying them at scale in the field, to interfacing with cameras and vision sensors, and last but not the least - translating the bounding box output of the models to business logic and systems, solution providers must navigate a complex set of technologies to make it happen.
This talk discusses the various building blocks, considerations and challenges in building and delivering end-to-end vision AI and video analytics solutions at the edge or cloud.

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