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Open Systems Media

OpenSystems Media has been the leader in building engaging online, print, and live communities for more than 30 years. Here are our recent accomplishments:

- Largest lead generation through webcasts in Embedded, IoT, Aerospace, and Military for the past 5 years
- Produced and moderated global events in 10 countries
- Sponsored more than 40 industry events each year
- One of the largest content producers in the electronics space featuring the leading software, semiconductor, and board level suppliers across multiple markets.
- Largest print issues in our market for Military Embedded Systems and Embedded Computing Design
- Leading custom content and event producer for both profit and non-profit technology organizations

Embedded Computing Design:

Engineers and developers have different needs based on a variety of factors, which include geography, generation, or most important, which segment of the design cycle they are operating in. Embedded Computing Design understands the design engineer/developer and those needs. Hence, we provide the necessary and pertinent information how, when, and where it’s most useful. We segment the majority our coverage into the following categories: industrial, automotive, consumer; and medical/healthcare. The overriding technologies prevalent in everything we cover include IoT, security, AI/machine learning, and analog/power.

Military Embedded Systems:

Military Embedded Systems focuses on embedded electronics – hardware and software – for military applications through technical coverage of all parts of the design process. The website, resource guide, newsletters, and print editions provide insight on embedded tools and strategies such as software, hardware, systems, technology insertion, obsolescence management, and many other military-specific technical subjects.

Coverage includes the latest innovative products, technology, and market trends driving military embedded applications such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, radar, sonar, unmanned system payloads, signals intelligence, electronic warfare, C4ISR, avionics, imaging, and more. Each issue provides readers with the information they need to stay connected to the pulse of embedded technology in the military and aerospace industries

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