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8 June 2022

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9 June 2022

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8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

Nanotechnology World Association


The Nanotechnology World Association (NWA) was created to help accelerate the integration of nanotechnologies in various industries -- such as medical, energy, electronics, transportation and materials -- by providing information, resources and tools, by connecting researchers and organizations, and by fostering knowledge sharing and cooperation.?

?The mission of the NWA is to globally promote nanotechnology solutions adoption across industries by connecting entrepreneurs with researchers, start-ups with investors, providers with potential customers, employers with job seekers, key players with one another, in an independent and mainly industry-oriented advocacy group – inclusive of business, academia, business-supporting associates, as well as affiliate government agencies and other associations.

Members have access to business services and certifications, create online and offline chapters and committees to drive forward collaborative efforts such as standards, are kept up-to-date with regulatory monitoring, events, news and insights, and have access to training and education via webinars, workshops, seminars and symposiums.

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