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How a leading Space Research Organization used Real-Time Data Monitoring System to improve the Performance, Efficiency, and Reliability of their Satellite Subsystems

This blog was provided by Travancore Analytics


This is how they did it.

The demand for satellite communications with high subsystem reliability, as well as the complexity of satellite power subsystems utilizing massive deployable solar panels, is growing by the day. As a result, effective optimization approaches are necessary to help decision-makers in developing real-time data monitoring systems for performance and reliability in satellite power subsystems.

Case and Challenge

A premier space research organization, approached Travancore Analytics to test and analyze the electronic packages in the deployable solar panels of the satellite from their Automated Test Stations (ATS). The client wanted to collect data, test, and command systems for the real-time data monitoring and control from their Automated Test Stations (ATS).

The organization was facing difficulties in analyzing data from multiple, identical Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA) electronics packages in a consolidated manner. And found it challenging to process individual or other essential information due to the system's high channel count. Additionally, they also needed the simultaneous gathering and storage of analog and digital data. They turned to Travancore Analytics for assistance in overcoming their

Let's have a look at the challenges encountered by the client:

•Difficulty in analyzing the data in a consolidated manner
•Limitations in processing individual or other essential information due to a large number of channels
•Restrictions in the real-time data monitoring, acquisition, and storage of both analog and digital at the same time


The automated test allows customers to build a complete sequence of tests and handle the breached surveillance conditions, which is critical given the growing need for satellite communications. The precise data delivered by NiOX 2100 will help any product company, R&D facility, or essentially any industry in making better decisions.

The benefits and potentials of NiOX:
•Improves process efficiency and reliability
•Automates data processing operations reducing errors
•Easier to access the database and retrieve information for processing and analysis
•Can be used to test a variety of devices with minimal reconfigurations:

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