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8-9 June 2022

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Research Hub: Helping blind and vision impaired people get outside with confidence

This blog was provided by Hemargroup


The problem
The white cane helps blind and vision-impaired people identify obstacles at ground level but it cannot protect users above the waist.

Our solution
Lighthouse is an eyewear frame equipped with sensors, electronics, and Bluetooth. It protects the user above the waist, ensuring safe travel outdoors by detecting dangerous obstacles and alerting the user. The device is elegant, lightweight, and waterproof. 

• Currently no market leaders or established incumbents.
• New and differentiated hardware and software platform.
• Large user pool within the blind and vision-impaired community.
• Large sales pipeline:
• Distributors of medical devices& equipment
• Opticians
• Eyewear frame manufacturers
• Blind associations


Large and growing market

• 2.65 mn blind + 30.45 mn
moderately to severely
vision impaired people.1

• 43.3 mn blind + 295 mn
moderately to severely
vision impaired people in


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