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Research Hub: Unleash a Profitable Sustainability Model in Your Food Business

This blog was provided by Trendi


Our Mission


Who We Are
We’re a Canadian company proudly made of quirky, misfit people that want nothing more than to solve the problem of food waste. From chefs to food scientists, impact wizards to robotics engineers, we’ve got the ingredients to make it happen.

What Drives Us
We imagine a world where food isn’t wasted, where it’s sustainably produced, appreciated and accessible to all. Food waste is not inevitable, it’s embarrassing. We need to wake up and see how ridiculous losing and wasting 1.3 billion tonnes of food globally every year is, while over 800 million people are food-deprived.

Our Founders
Craig and Carissa have always had a plate in one hand and a business in the other, and their individual journeys combine to over 45 years of experience in hospitality. They were each a misfit with a unique background, one became a professional chef & restaurateur, the other a cold-pressed juice and smoothie entrepreneur and digital marketer.

When they finally had a chance to eat from the same menu, they realized they shared a crucial concern. How the hell can we waste all this food while so many people go hungry?

The ambitious idea on the back of that napkin in 2018: Use robotics and automation in the food industry to rescue, revive and redistribute nutritious food. The idea was Trendi.


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