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Research Hub: How electronics companies benefit from getting better at PCB design

This blog was provided by HaSofu


Is your enterprise currently outsourcing its crucial printed circuit board (PCB) design to outside consultants? If so, you are wasting a lot of time and money and risking your IP. Unfortunately, this has become the norm for most electronics-focused companies. Lacking the depth of talent in-house to design and produce truly high-end boards, means having to turn to outside help to get the job done. This is burning money unnecessarily and stopping you from getting your product to market sooner. But what if I told you there was a way to resolve this problem? A solution that is so simple you can’t believe it hasn’t been tried before.


How to upskill your in-house talent to become highly adept at PCB design

I’m talking about training your existing electronics engineers in the nuances of high-end PCB design. A high-speed PCB course that, in mere weeks, endows your engineers with a level of the skill that would normally take many years to acquire.

Hasofu Academy, the brainchild of elite PCB designer, coach, and innovator Kirsch Mackey, takes people with zero experience in PCB design to a professional industry standard in a fraction of the time it would otherwise normally take.

For the past five years, Hasofu has trained students from around the world to become a professional PCB designer. The high-level skills and insights Kirsch Mackey gleaned over his many years of industry experience led him to design not only a unique PCB training course but also a methodology to help engineers become expert PCB designers. And it is this methodology that promises to save electronics-focused companies significant amounts of time and money and ensure their IP remains protected.



The benefits of investing in PCB design training for electronics companies

Before Hasofu, there wasn’t a standalone PCB design training program that could take someone from unfamiliar to independently proficient at PCB design. Kirsch solved this problem for his students and now wants to solve the problems many companies are facing with finding and retaining top PCB designers.

Think about it. How could your company benefit from having your engineers become more impactful in the work they carry out? For one, you could stop having to outsource your PCB design to outside sources who may or may not uphold your enterprise’s high standards. It’s become so commonplace in the industry that the initial board not working is literally written into the production cycle. Not only that but the time-consuming communication back and forth with outside consultants is making it hard to reap the rewards of getting to production sooner. Businesses have normalized these problems as part of the conventional process when it doesn’t have to be this way.

The PCB design course on offer from Hasofu was built to lead your engineers through a series of gradual steps on the road to mastery. Your employees will engage with the full PCB design process, from ideation and planning to build real projects. They will then review and update the boards based on real consequences with manufacturing analysis from Sierra Circuits, a top PCB fabricator and assembly house.

Real-world impacts

Your engineers will exit the course with newfound knowledge and skills as well as a set of PCB design professional standards they can use in practical ways to benefit your company. Whereas your enterprise might have normalized outsourcing its PCB design, and wasted a lot of time and extra resources doing so, the new graduates from Hasofu Academy in your ranks will be able to speed up this necessary part of electronics design and help to cut your production cycle in half.

Whilst it might be nice having longer lead times and multiple prototypes of PCBs, you don’t have to keep playing the game that way. And certainly not if the competition isn’t. You simply don’t have the time to lose. The Hasofu training program saves time by making your engineers high-level PCB designers. Yes, you can always give the job of PCB design to the new hires, fresh from college; however, it takes many years to become fully versed in the nuances of PCB design. Skills like high-speed digital design and design for manufacturing are normally only taught and learned the old way. Meaning they take a long time to acquire, upwards of 8 years on average.

Saving time is only half the story. Once you unlock the power of high-end PCB design within your enterprise you will begin to realize the cost savings this also entails. The Hasofu training program upskills your employees to become high-level PCB designers. And high-level PCB designers make fewer errors far less often. This means you will only need to iterate your PCB designs at about 20-40% of how you are tracking currently. That’s 1-2 fewer re-spins, way less engineering costs, not to mention more than six weeks’ of employee hours saved per board every year for multiple times a year.

Your company’s future

Now it’s possible to give your engineers and your company the edge needed to become truly innovative in the field of PCB design. Hasofu offers an all-in-one PCB design course. A course designed by the engineer’s engineer himself, Kirsch Mackey. Over the course of several years, Kirsch taught himself all the finer points of PCB design, so your engineers don’t have to.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out and book a call today. One of our leading trainers will show you the details behind the course. All our training material comes with a complete money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the results after training is completed, notify us and we’ll return your money. We stand behind our product and are confident about the results we’ve already achieved. We’re that certain that the benefits of our training will greatly improve the way your enterprise does PCB design.



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