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Nota Al's CEO Myungsu Chae Nomination for The Excellence in Engineering Award

Why we nominated Nota Al's - CEO Myungsu Chae for the Excellence in Engineering Award

AI Optimization Technology Company Nota Selected as NVIDIA Inception Premier Member

NVIDIA Inception nurtures cutting-edge startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data science. The free program has 9,000+ members who are given access to the best technical tools, latest resources, and opportunities to connect with investors. As a startup matures, its Inception benefits also evolve to further company growth. Premier members receive increased NVIDIA marketing support, access to Premier-only member events, and a dedicated NVIDIA relationship manager.

Selected as an Inception Premier member through the program’s rigorous selection process, Nota, based on its AI optimization source technology, provides NetsPresso, a representative solution, an edge-based intelligent transportation system, facial recognition-based access authentication, and low-power driver monitoring solution in the vehicle. Nota plans to advance its AI optimization technology and meet customer needs in the market through close collaboration with NVIDIA.

Nota CEO Myungsu Chae said, "I am proud to have been selected alongside outstanding global AI companies in the first year of cooperation with NVIDIA."

In addition, Nota participated in NVIDIA GTC, held in November, and introduced NetsPresso, a hardware-aware AutoML platform. Nota’s AI optimization technology, edge-based intelligent transportation system, and low-power driver monitoring solution will also be presented at 2022 Embedded Vision Summit, the premier conference and expo devoted to practical, deployable computer vision and visual AI to be held in California, USA in June.

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To learn more about how Nota.Ai was selected as NVIDIA Inception Premier Member, register to attend the Embedded Technology Convention in Las Vegas on June 8th & 9th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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