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Samtec's - CEO John Shine Nomination for The Excellence in Engineering Award

Why we nominated Samtec's - CEO John Shine for the Excellence in Engineering Award

In 2014 Samtec Announced A New Strategic Partnership with FCI

Officials from both, Samtec and FCI, expressed their excitement about this new partnership.

This second-source agreement pools technology and manufacturing capabilities of both companies to provide for FCI’s new ExaMAX® high speed connector solutions” says Alessandro Perrotta, CEO of FCI. “We are pleased to reach an agreement with Samtec, an equally respected manufacturer who shares a similar vision in providing superior customer service, quality and technological innovation. Samtec is well positioned to undertake the manufacture and sales of these innovative FCI solutions."

Both FCI and Samtec are widely recognized as signal integrity leaders with fully-integrated worldwide manufacturing and customer service footprints to support our customers. This unique backplane solution will fill an important role in our ability to supply our customers with high-speed connections through the full signal chain. Our Signal Integrity Group and Teraspeed® Consulting Division have significant system engineering and platform design experience and we look forward to bring the knowledge to our customers with this new venture. Samtec is fully committed to support FCI’s customers as their second source, and to increase the installed based for the system with our customers” added John Shine, CEO of Samtec.

The ExaMAX® product family addresses a broad range of system architectures, including traditional backplane, direct orthogonal, internal and external IO, coplanar and mezzanine applications.

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