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VersaLogic's - President Len Crane Nomination for The Excellence in Engineering Award

Why we nominated VersaLogic's - President Len Crane for the Excellence in Engineering Award

VersaLogic released a high-performance PC104 embedded computer!

Back in November of 2021, VersaLogic released a new family of PCIe/104 computers with a high-performance Intel® Xeon® processor and x16 PCIe expansion.

They named it, “Sabertooth”, this new computer features a three-bank expansion combined with Intel’s Xeon “Coffee Lake Refresh” or i3 processor. The compact Sabertooth computer also includes high-speed onboard NVMe SSD storage, ECC memory, Ethernet, TPM 2.0 security, GPIO, and USB ports, as well as a SATA port for off-board storage.

It is now available in two performance levels, with the highest performance models featuring an Intel Xeon-E 6-core processor. In addition, a 3-bank expansion connector provides wide bandwidth expansion capability with its x16 PCIe Gen 3 bus. This supports plug-in (stacking) connection of high-bandwidth peripherals such as GPUs, FPGA, and 10 Gb Ethernet. The high performance is complemented with up to 32 GB memory (error-correcting in Xeon models) and soldered down 128 GB NVMe fast read/write storage.

In situations where there are issues of latency, security, or limited connectivity, the Sabertooth is ideal for high power edge computing,” said Len Crane, VersaLogic’s President.

There is also a model that will support the 9th generation of Intel Core™ i3 processor available for applications not requiring hex-core Xeon performance, or a board that draws less power and dissipates less heat. Connectivity In addition to x16 PCIe lanes, the expansion connector supports 4 PCIe x1, USB, and SM Bus.

Their other interfaces include SATA III, USB 3.2, Gigabit Ethernet, serial, I2C, GPIO, and Mini DisplayPort connections. Compact and tough The Sabertooth is a compact PC104 format solution, measuring only 96 x 90 x 43 mm. It will provide very high performance for space-limited applications. In addition, the Sabertooth was designed and tested for full industrial temperature (-40° to +85°C) operation and meets MIL-STD-202H specifications for shock and vibration.

Like other VersaLogic products, the Sabertooth was designed from the ground up for long-term availability (10+ years of typical production lifecycle).

Modifications to the off-the-shelf product are available for the Sabertooth, even in low OEM quantities. Modifications include conformal coating, revision locks, custom labeling, customized testing, and screening, etc

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