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Driving Digital Change Through Marketing Automation Platforms

This blog was provided by A Bui. Consulting

You’re probably wondering, why should you even consider investing in a Marketing Automation Platform?

Quite frankly, many businesses can’t risk NOT investing in a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). An MAP enables businesses to upgrade their marketing programs, personalize their customer journeys quickly, and drastically strengthen and improve their customer’s experiences (known as CX). All these factors—which can be attributed to Marketing Automation Platforms—is an essential part of achieving Digital Transformation.

Still not convinced of the value of Marketing Automation? Below, we break down why MAPs should be prioritized on your digital investment roadmap today.

Benefits of Leveraging Marketing Automation Platforms:
• A 14.5% increase in sales productivity.
• Reduced overhead by 12.2%.
• A 77% increase in call-to-action conversions.
• An average of 451% increase in qualified leads.

Some of the top capabilities MAPs enable:
• A/B Testing (to include AI or Machine Learning functionality).
• Customer Journey Mapping.
• Campaign Automation and Intelligent Decision-Making.
• Data Storage and Curation for Data-Driven Marketing.
• Real-time Customer Behavioral Insights & Tracking.
• ROI and KPI reports and dashboards for Marketing, Sales, and Executive Leadership.

So how do you go about choosing the right platform?

It might be challenging to choose the right platform for your organization in the sea of options available today.

To make the best purchase decision for you, here are the top five things you should think about when choosing your MAP vendor:

1. User Interface: How basic or complex is the vendor’s platform interface? Many vendors claim to have a user-friendly interface, but this isn't always the case (especially if your resources aren’t technical enough to navigate the platform). Be sure you (and your planned power users) can evaluate the platform's UI to see how quickly you'll be able to get up to speed — and get to work.
2. Features & Native Integrations: Each vendor will have its own set of features, so make sure you choose one that provides the functionality you require and use most for your business. Take your current tech stack into consideration – there may be existing tools and functionality you’d like to integrate into the new platform. How easy is it to do?
3. Customer Support: When using new and unfamiliar tools, you'll want the best support possible from the vendor. Recognize that technology isn't flawless and things might need troubleshooting, so getting the level of account/tech support you need can be vital for your success.
4. Set-Up, Onboarding, and Available Learning Resources: Having online resources available when purchasing a new marketing automation solution can help you get the most out of your new system. Some platforms include instructions, how-to videos, and even webinars to support efforts in mastering the newly adopted platform. This can be especially critical if you’re onboarding entire teams to your MAP.
5. Reviews: Although the best platform for your ecommerce business will be determined by your company's unique demands and goals, you'll want to see how other users are making the most of

Ultimately, the primary motivation for implementing marketing automation is to remain agile and highly competitive in an ever-changing digital landscape. We believe that agility and adaptability are skills any business needs to thrive and overcome unpredictable hurdles.

Not too long ago, we sat down and had a quick discussion about this massively evolving business landscape, which you can watch here.

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