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Exhibitor Spotlight: BellSoft

This blog was provided by BellSoft

Liberica JDK for Embedded

Embedded systems are the future. They have already made possible ideas found only in science-fiction literature several decades ago: smart homes, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things… The list could go on and on.

We at BellSoft embrace innovation and are happy to shape the new world with our customers. We were among the first to notice the growing demand for ARM processors, so we proposed and implemented JEP315 into OpenJDK to enhance the performance of the Aarch64 port. We continue to contribute to AArch64 and ARM32 ports because we recognize that embedded devices primarily work on ARM architecture and need effective software to perform at full capacity.

At the same time, we understand that any change, however revolutionary, must rest on a strong foundation. BellSoft engineers have 15+ years of experience working with Java and know the language on the microlevel. Liberica JDK, a Progressive Java Runtime, is the fruit of their expertise and long-term endeavor.

This convergence of tried-and-true classics and innovations gave birth to Liberica for Embedded, an optimized build for embedded systems. Liberica for Embedded brings the power of Java to ARM-based devices:

    • Optimized performance. MinimalVM support helps to accelerate startup time and minimize memory consumption. Therefore, it is excellent for low-performing applications.
    • Support for additional APIs. Liberica for Embedded supports, among other things, Device Input-Output API to facilitate app development and avoid compatibility issues.
    • JavaFX support is included in every build. LibericaFX, our custom implementation of OpenJFX technology, allows developers to create and implement GUI tailor-made for embedded systems. In addition, the latest version is optimized for low-grade hardware. For instance, it enables hardware graphics acceleration.
    • Cost-efficiency. Most competitors provide royalty-per-device support, so companies must pay for each device with installed runtime. We offer support plans that cover all corporate devices and thus help to reduce expenses.
    • Open-source. Liberica JDK is an OpenJDK implementation. Hence, the runtime will be safe, performant, and free of known vulnerabilities because the entire OpenJDK community works on eliminating bugs and security issues and implementing new features.
    • Thoroughly tested. We test all builds on popular embedded systems to guarantee stable performance. In addition, our runtime is TCK-verified and goes through a strict QA procedure before every release.
    • High-powered support. BellSoft’s engineers are ready to assist our customers 24/7/365 with an SLA within one hour. Furthermore, a problem solved for one client is solved for everyone since we send all fixes upstream.
    • Latest version. Liberica for Embedded is available in LTS-versions 8, 11, and 17. Additionally, our engineers provide customized builds for specific embedded systems and requirements.

Liberica for Embedded is a solid yet nourishing ground for developing avant-garde solutions in the world of embedded systems. Its compliance with standards and inherent flexibility create a unique runtime that can be used for production and bold experiments driving the world forward.

Author: Bob Booshehri

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