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8 June 2022

10am - 5pm

9 June 2022

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LV Convention Center

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Embedded Computing

8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

What Is An Embedded System?

According to a recent study by Fior Markets, the global Embedded System Market, including both hardware and software, is expected to reach $137.31 billion by 2027. While the industry is reaching truly massive heights, it remains fairly complex for people outside of the field to fully comprehend. So what exactly is an embedded system?

OmniSci described an embedded system as “a microprocessor-based computer hardware system with software that is designed to perform a dedicated function, either as an independent system or as part of a large system.” Specific embedded systems vary greatly in terms of overall complexity and functionality. It could be something as simple as a digital watch to something as complex as a medical imaging system. Even ear pods, traffic lights, and hybrid vehicles utilize embedded systems.

Complex technologies like microcontrollers, digital signal processors, and gate arrays are the processing technologies that allow embedded systems to integrate and handle electric or mechanical interfacing. Essentially, the embedded system is what acts as the processing core, where its firmware acts as instructions for how it will connect with the environment. Used widely in microprocessors and microcontrollers, embedded systems receive electrical input through various sensors which are then interpreted by processors, eventually reaching an actuator and storing the approved output. Most importantly, the embedded system always functions as part of a larger, complete device.

To simplify things, you can look at a basic automobile which consists of multiple embedded systems, each designed to perform their own specific functions. For example, cruise control, navigation systems, and backup sensors are all different embedded systems at work in your car. Well-known technology companies like Apple, IBM, and Intel are key players in the space focusing heavily on product innovations and partnerships to increase their presence in the industry.

The Embedded Technology Convention, happening on June 8th & 9th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will be the central hub to discover the latest technological advancements and trends, expand your industry knowledge, and extend your professional network. Don’t miss out on this ultimate showcase of embedded technologies and systems and secure your free ticket today!