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Shimco is a multi-award-winning world leader in the manufacture of high-precision standard and custom aerospace-grade shims, shim materials, machined parts, and metal surface treatments, for the OEM, Tier 1, and MRO aerospace and defense markets, as well as the medical and industrial market spaces. Shimco is the #1 aerospace and defense shim supplier in Canada and Latin America and a majority of the world’s aerospace OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers buy from Shimco. Shimco is ISO AS9100D certified, Nadcap accredited and Canadian Controlled Goods registered.

Shimco has developed patented and patent-pending technology on a unique self-powering sensor, that will be placed almost anywhere on a fixed or rotary-wing aircraft (such as the airframe, engine mounts, engines, gearboxes, transmissions, and landing gear), to collect load/strain/vibration/temperature data and then transmit that data wirelessly to a collection node in real-time, for further analysis and use. The IntelliShim™ has the advantages of a long-lasting power supply, the elimination of wires in and out of the device, and the ability to become part of most load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures for ideal in- situ data collection, mountable on or in moving parts, and long-range data transmission. The IntelliShim also has applications in architectural structures, on-road and off-road transportation, roadways and bridges, residential HVAC, and industrial environments.

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