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8 June 2022

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8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center


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LGN are Edge AI specialists. Having originally created technology for the defence sector that allows laser-guided systems operating in evolving conditions to recalibrate in real-time, LGN fundamentally changed how robust and scaled Edge AI solutions had to be built. Crucially, LGN understands that a constantly changing environment causes unique challenges for AI that’s been created on traditional, static training data.

In order to deploy, monitor and constantly update hundreds or even thousands of remote edge devices LGN created Neuroform™. Neuroform is the world's first Automated Continuous Learning Loop for Edge AI. The software addresses complex technical and commercial challenges, drastically simplifying the operational overhead of creating sustainable robust products for your customers.

By intelligently selecting high-value data at the edge, LGN reduces the bandwidth required as well as the cost and time of updating models - to the point that this can happen in real-time. The deployment software functions on low-cost low-power ARM architectures as well as more traditional x86 and also deals with any type of communication infrastructure, however reliable.

We work with a diverse selection of customers from the Mobility, Agriculture, Mining and Defence industries. Where companies don’t have existing models to deploy, LGN will create them for you free of charge!

Tel: 1 650 731 3261

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