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8 June 2022

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8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center


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Electronics-savvy engineers nowadays are required to have some knowledge of printed circuit board design and hardware design engineering.
Normally beginners in PCB design take 2+ years to learn the skill on their own and be considered a junior PCB designer. Then three or more years to consider thsemselves professionals. Though many never become completely confident in that skill without mentorship. HaSofu's mission is to teach and train these engineers using unique training methods that make them junior PCB designers within 3-6 months.
HaSofu then helps those engineering graduates land new roles as PCB designers through our network, and resume, online presence, and interview training based on the real world.

HaSofu provides PCB, hardware and software design services for external companies. We design schematics, or update pre-existing schematics, design printed circuit boards, and work with manufacturing and assembly companies to get the finished product to the client's desk. We also provide general consulting to companies looking to update or create their hardware designs. We do not do manufacturing, assembly or testing.

Finally, HaSofu markets and sells software products that make companies and individuals more efficient and effective at PCB and hardware design.

Tel: +1-972-559-9232

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