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8 June 2022

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9 June 2022

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LV Convention Center

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8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

Harvest Technology Group

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Harvest unleashes unparalleled video streaming capabilities from the network connections you already have in place, whether terrestrial, satellite, overloaded or even completely absent. Reliable high-definition, low-latency, secure video streams are now a reality from anywhere in the world and at a fraction of the bandwidth normally thought possible. Imagine the productivity and cost saving benefits to your operations when you can see what is happening live across your installations whether they be on Land, at Sea, or in the Air. Harvest also puts you firmly in control with the ability to adjust video resolution, latency, and target bandwidth utilization all on-the-fly. High-resolution and reliable playback is delivered via Harvest’s self-healing features that constantly monitor and repair your connection enabling smooth un-interrupted viewing. Customers are utilising Harvest’s bandwidth-optimised video streaming capabilities to revolutionise how they carry out Field Services:

Real-time audio-visual support for field technicians anywhere

High quality video for remote equipment inspections & surveillance

Enhanced safety & productivity via remote equipment operation & control

Tel: +61 8 6370 6370

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