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8 June 2022

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9 June 2022

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LV Convention Center

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8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

Harman Embedded Audio

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HARMAN has been designing and engineering premium audio for cinemas, concert tours, in large venues, restaurants, the home, and in the car for more than 70+ years. Over the decades, innovations from HARMAN have moved the market in a way that created a growing consumer expectation that the audio in any product should sound really good. With the expectation, this high, consumer goods manufacturers are upgrading their product audio or giving products the capability to produce audio in sometimes unexpected ways. This presents the perfect opportunity for HARMAN and HARMAN Embedded Audio.

HARMAN Embedded Audio combines an expert team of sales, operations, engineering, and development professionals that can create solutions to enable audio in a multitude of products through the Sound by JBL, Sound by Harman Kardon, or Sound by Infinity co-branding opportunities. HARMAN Embedded Audio achieves this through designing microphones, speakers, and hardware platforms while customizing output using any one of its proprietary software products such as Sonique, ClariVoice, and AudioEFX, which is an audio post-processing sound suite that runs on Android, Windows, and Linux. Along with the tuning expertise from the HARMAN Embedded Audio, HARMAN Audio EFX software improves sound for smaller speakers in numerous devices like notebooks, smartphones, tablets, TVs, conference systems, and smart speakers, as well as less likely items like fitness products. Striving to go beyond audio and beyond expectations, Harman Embedded Audio wants to help our partners transform their audio and voice needs into winning solutions.

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