8-9 June 2022

Las Vegas Convention Center

8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

GPS Development Consulting

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At GPS our focus is on hope and possibility. With increasing investment and opportunity in Africa, our goal is to help people and businesses on their journey to create a conscious, prosperous and equitable future for the continent.

At GPS Development Consulting we aim to empower people to have greater influence in their businesses and communities

Our vision is to take a holistic approach to consulting which focuses on mindset as well as skills building. With a change of mindsets we hope to create an environment for transformational change which we hope will lead to more people having more choice in their lives. This is because we feel choices lead to better long term decision making and in turn will lead to GROWTH.

Our Vision is that our consultancy will empower the people who work for and/or with the business. This is because we want to create a movement to help people live with a greater level of consciousness, responsibility and consistency. Why? Because this is a movement to give the people we work with the opportunity to tap into their PURPOSE.

Our vision is to have an impact on people, business and communities to increase opportunities. We firmly believe that opportunity leads to more opportunity for more people. With that we hope to see a greater level of equity and inclusion in businesses and communities, which is what we believe will lead to SUSTAINABLE growth.

GROWTH, PURPOSE AND SUSTAINABILITY (GPS) is the guidance system we use to guide and empower those we work with.

Tel: +250789543769

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