8-9 June 2022

Las Vegas Convention Center

8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

Exovolar Industries

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We believe the “superpower” of single-human-flight can be democratized given the current state of technology: drones are flying everywhere and we are consistently landing rockets. We thought - Why not humans? We founded Exovolar to create something that has been historically fiction: a way for a single human to authentically explore the sky, easy to learn and accessible by everyone. Exovolar aims to augment our mobility tool, the legs, to make flying as simple as walking. The combination of jet engines, exoskeleton, and our patented thrust vector nozzle allows the legs to fulfill their destined duty – to support and move our body in the sky. We plan on providing variations of the technology for different customers. Whether it is the trained or untrained general public, professionals, and/or military personnel, there is a way for everyone to authentically explore the sky.

Tel: (714)306-9613

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