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Energy Access Inc

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Energy Access was founded in 1998 in Indianapolis initially to service the “Smart” (SMBus) battery charger market. (These batteries contain a “gas gauge” that communicates critical information between the pack and the host.)

This technology is now common in many market segments where sophisticated power control is important and continues to be a core business for our company.

From our initial success with smart batteries, we broadened our scope to include chargers for all small and mid-sized applications and then moved into the power supply and power management world.

We now carry an extensive line of embedded systems from power supplies to power management systems to battery management systems and battery chargers.
We offer multiple power solutions that includes UPS options, power regulators and buck boost circuits, all fully customizable for any customer’s needs.

Whether it’s an embedded power management solution, an on-board battery management system, a customized smart charger or a remote uninterruptible power supply, we have multiple options for all needs

Whatever the application, we can build the solution.

Tel: 317-496-8044

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