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8 June 2022

10am - 5pm

9 June 2022

10am - 4pm

LV Convention Center

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Embedded Computing

8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

Dojo Five, LLC

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We are embedded experts out to modernize the firmware lifecycle. We're a product and services company based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

EmbedOps: DevOps for Embedded

EmbedOps® is the world’s first DevOps solution designed by embedded developers, for embedded developers. It enables embedded teams to benefit from modern DevOps practices and tools to automate build and test pipelines and ensures environment consistency across your team.

“EmbedOps is the result of decades of slow and inefficient embedded development practices meeting the demands of modern companies and consumers. Competitive companies need a professional production process that is rapid, repeatable, and reliable,” Joe Schneider, president and founder of Dojo Five.

Spend more time developing software, and less time maintaining build environments

EmbedOps will help you, onboard team members, faster with standard build environments, reduce the amount of time spent chasing down problems due to inconsistencies in build
environments, and modernize your development lifecycle with automated build and test pipelines.
Three steps to modern embedded success with EmbedOps:

1. Configure - Our team helps you assemble your build and test pipelines and get all of your tools into a standard, centrally managed environment using Docker.
2. Automate - We’ll get your production build pipelines fully automated with best-in-class CI tools such as Bitbucket, GitHub Actions, and Gitlab. 
3. Build - Build your project without having to sweat the differences between build environments, and get the advantages that modern, automated CI pipelines offer without being locked into a specific vendor or tool.

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