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8 June 2022

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8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center


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ByoWave develop modular game controller kits, where the user builds their own controller based on their bespoke requirements and provides access for all to the world of video games and to ‘Play Your Way’. The initial target market is gamers with disabilities with secondary markets including Elite Gamers/ E-Sports Players as well as general synchronous input assistive tech devices.

Generic gaming controllers are not adaptable to individual gamer ergonomic and functional requirements, in particular for gamers with disabilities. ByoWave offers a controller kit that lets the user easily build their own controller, their own way. The kit consists of modular building blocks that can be rearranged in millions of different possible combinations, allowing the user to choose the shape of their controller, how many inputs they have and where they want specific inputs to be.

ByoWave’s web tool is being designed using the accessible design framework to make it as accessible as possible. This requires easy-to-read content as well as large buttons. This will also make it easier for users who are not very tech literate to use the software.
This can include carers and parents.

Tel: +353834227664

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