8-9 June 2022

Las Vegas Convention Center

8-9 June 2022

LV Convention Center

Beltech AI

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Beltech AI offers various products and services in the domain of traffic management, security, smart city solutions, and public transportation. To reduce the wait-time of vehicles at intersections and also reduce congestion on the roads, it has developed Artificial Intelligence-Driven Traffic Management Solutions (AID-TMS). The two main objectives of AID-TMS are smart traffic management and traffic violation detection. On one hand, the smart traffic management system focuses on optimizing traffic flow and thus reducing congestion on roads. And on the other hand, the main aim of the traffic violation detection system is to detect traffic violations and generate challans by distinguishing reduce the crimes related to them. The system manages traffic lights based on the density of traffic and the AI can automatically detect vehicles, their type, driving pattern, etc. The data from the pilot projects at Hubli and Bengaluru demonstrate a significant reduction – around 45% in Hubli and 34% in Bangalore – in traffic at the junctions that have the system versus those that don’t. The system is also detecting more than 1000 violations per day at those junctions. Furthermore, a system placed at a junction communicates with systems placed at other junctions. Hence this way, the AI is always learning and improving.

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