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BellSoft releases and supports a free and secure OpenJDK binary distribution for Java SE Standard Compliance called Liberica JDK. It is available for all major versions of the Java SE specification, most platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris), and the largest number of present-day architectures (x86 64/32 bit, ARM, PowerPC, SPARC), including microservices-based ones. This makes Liberica JDK the Unified Java Runtime: one runtime for cloud, server, and desktop use cases.

BellSoft’s team believes that Java can be flexible and change as the world does. Thus, we rely on continuous feedback from thousands of our clients to evolve new solutions with the community, while also preserving industry traditions and maintaining the highest quality standards. BellSoft takes the 25 years of Java as the foundation and offers users what they want today. Since BellSoft greatly appreciates the Java SE standard role in the success of the technology, all Liberica JDK binaries are TCK-verified to be compliant with the Java SE specification.

We consider technology standards to be very important in keeping Java and its community vibrant, and easily accessible technology standards for those working on the future of Java help the Java ecosystem thrive.

Tel: +1 (702) 2135959

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